About Us

Fether was founded in Barbados inspired by the people in which each year they express themselves in flamboyant costumes immersed in colour and decorated in feathers and bright accents for the crop over festival.
No one holds back during this time showcasing their personality and expressing love to the world, it truly displays how unique we all are when we are ourselves. It doesn’t matter who you are or where your from we all belong in the moment.
Like the bajun culture we want to make sure we have something for everyone, whether your an adventurer, traveller, swashbuckler, seafarer, or beach bum fether flipflops are ripe for exploration.

We believe life is about evolving and creating a brand by staying true to who you are, delivering an experience rather than a product.

We wanted to maintain a perfect balance between comfort and style, a mix of ingredients that could make fether offerings both diverse and distinctive, and although we are seeking new designs and inspiration we hope you will follow us on our journey and fether your feet to create moments that last a lifetime.